New Age belief vs Correction

Belief: Ignore the Negative

Looking at or focusing on the negative, gives it energy and power to exist. Feeding it your energy of attention and focus will create more negative. Ignorance is the solution.

Face it to protect & prevent your particpation in creating it.

Ignoring is avoiding the discomfort of being mad, angry, hurt, etc. It removes false blissful ignorance, feeling-good false perceptions. We have to know Evil to realize and create Good, instead of being a tool for Evil. Good is the primal Will of God, Higher Will, Higher Self, Natural Law, Truth, Love, etc.

Belief: Never Get Angry

It's a 'negative' emotion, it creates 'dis-ease' & illness in you, your negative reaction fuels the negative energy in the world, etc.

Anger can Channel into Wisdom of Right-Action

Physical aggressive anger is not helpful, but getting mad at the bullshit is good, that's your compass telling you shit isn't right, & is a fuel to get into Right-Action to change things! Pay attention to the world & get angry when you see evil being continually engaged in by ignorant people, or yourself.

Belief: We're all ONE. Everything is 'good'

Right/wrong is 'dualistic' & 'invalid'. You're a 'divider', against 'unity', you're a 'chooser'. All is fine & right, as it should be. You are perfect as you are, things will come when you are ready, don't actively seek truth or try to change, no need to better yourself, to heal. The universe will provide you with everything. Go with the flow & let it all unfold, what is happening is meant to happen. Moral relativism.

Right & Wrong Exist. Your Actions are a Part of it.

Conscience is the development of morality & Care. Knowing the objective difference between right/wrong. It is common sense to live in Truth and Morality.So long as you engage in wrongdoings against other innocent sentient animate beings, you are in violation of Morality, Natural Law, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. Rejection of this Truth is the the real duality, internal contradiction and conflict.

Accept, don't Resist. What you Resist Persists.

Resistance feeds it, it's powerless without your reaction. Keep calm, don't take action on yourself or in the world, don't face your participation in wrongdoings, don't confront others on their BS, don't call them out, don't use the force of action, speech, writing to speak Truth into the world. Don't resist Evil. Escapism/avoidance in meditation, etc. to have inner-states of  'feeling-good' to not face your life or the wrongs you or others participate in. Avoid Wisdom of Right-Action to prevent evolution in consciousness.

Accept What 'IS' Happening (Truth Level 1)

Accept all the truth/lies, beauty/horror, good/bad, as the current condition that is manifested by us collectively. Not facing Truth about reality allows it to continue & run you over in the end. Unite & embody the Sacred Feminine non-aggression, nonviolence, do no harm, & the Sacred Masculine Right-Action.

Truth is not about your freedom, & ignoring the freedom of other innocent sentient animate beings that did you no harm. Half way, partial alignment with Truth won't cut it. Truth is one way, go all the way! Meditation tool for left-brain imbalance, not to 'feel-good' about yourself. Reflection & contemplation is balanced consciousness.

Follow your heart

The 'heart', emotions, feelings know best, follow your 'heart', don't follow the mind or thoughts, it is corrupted, it isn't in touch with source, etc. Use meditation to clear the mind of thoughts, you think too much, you have 50,000 thoughts a day, you aren't 'being' in the 'now', only now exists, stop your thoughts, they aren't good for you.

Other variations built form this are: Logic is flawed. Language is flawed. I live from a 'pure-heart', use my no-thought, 'pure-heart' connection to communicate in higher dimensions beyond the limitations of your faulty language, that's why you can't understand me when I talk! I'm just so evolved and beyond your primitive communication means. Language, logic, etc. is the problem, not me!

Unite Heart & Mind. Unite Body-Mind-Spirit.

Stop being in internal opposition with yourself trying to negate the value of the mind and thoughts. The mind and consciousness are the closest you get to spirit in this vessel. They are the essence & emanation point for consciousness & is the basis for the 3 expressions of consciousness.

Align your thoughts, emotions & actions in unison together & harmonize them with Truth Level's 1 & 2. Follow the heart & the mind united in balance, not one alone. Ignoring the value of one over the other is being divided from within, the real bad kind of duality, non-united, non-harmonized, imbalanced.

You will live in internal opposition & conflict until you reconcile this duality in yourself. You aren't learning about the various tools at your availability, developing their use like a muscle, and using them effectively. This is like blaming the tool, the hammer, for not being able to screw in a screw.

It's the same with the ego killing belief of #18, blaming the tool instead of yourself for failure to learn how to use it properly in its area of intended use. Tools have specific uses, they can't always be used blindly on all scales. Pure-Heart, Empty-Head, is how many people live. Not following Truth, but their deceitful attachment to feelings & thoughts that are still under the conditioning of falsity. Imbalance of heart & mind is internal opposition.

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