About Michael Maardt

1952: Born May 29, Copenhagen, Denmark

1970 to 1980: I studied sociology at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen. In 1973, I began to take an interest in critical theories in sociology and psychology. We read at the Department of Sociology many German books (mainly marxism in many variations), which took a very long time for me because I was not good at German. I therefore moved to Frankfurt am Main in 1975 to learn German.

I lived in a collective where two sweet women, Renate and Claudia, taught me German via English. For some years, I studied at the universities in Frankfurt am Main and Bremen, Germany. 1977 I moved back to Denmark.

I studied sociology, psychology and communication at the universities in Denmark and Germany until 1980 with a Ph.D in sociology.

1973-1980 lived in a sub culture. Many courses and groups in body therapy (bioenergetics), meditation, massage, healing etc. and spent some years in a complete crazy most radical community ever: AAO and after that learned from Jes Bertelsen and Bob Moore and ended up as a sannyasin of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later OSHO).

1981-1993: Small short jobs and unemployed.

1985 I got interested in computers and later I helped friends with their PC and worked with pc a lot. My friends all had the same problems, so I ended up in 1993 publishing a small 64 pages booklet for the price of a packet of cigarettes (extremely cheap in 1993).

1993: From all the reading and studying I learned to THINK. As a protest against high prices on computerbooks in Denmark I wrote AND published my self (to control the price etc.) the worlds first computerbooklet. A chain of danish bookshops supported me and it became over night a huge success.

The publication is still the most sold computer publication in Denmark (175.000). It was purchased by FOUR percent of the population in Denmark! I got immense support from a very dear friend, an irish clairvoyant woman. She has left her body. Without her I would not have had the trust, that she gave me.

1993-2003 Others joined as authors. KnowWare Denmark sold one million and in the german market 7 million booklets with more than 100 titles, big success.

2004 I sold the german part of KnowWare, which still exists. I kept the danish part.

2004-2010 I made non-computer stuff, but around 2010 I made 30 computer video tutorials in danish.

2012: (Age of Aquarius) A kidney stone attack (ARGGHHH !!) led me to purify my water and sell water filters in Denmark

And all my websites.

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